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Employers & Visas - Top Tips

We have written recently on the newly minted Employer Accreditation scheme and how this will potentially change the future of Work Visas - the key difference being that securing staff from offshore will now become a far more employer-led system as opposed to the previous rules where the applicant did all the heavy lifting (and wore most of the responsibility). The new system creates a faster, more streamlined process for all but it does mean that some employers will need to up their game when it comes to some (or possibly all) of their recruitment practices.

With Immigration New Zealand now requiring employers to become Accredited, in order to then secure migrant workers, record keeping and compliance will become increasingly more important. We have wrapped up a few ‘top-tips’ for employers to help them ease in to the process and also to make sure that they get the best out of the new Accredited Employer scheme. It is also a good time to introduce Workplus - a solution designed to provide these solutions and a whole lot more.

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