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Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, Turner Hopkins will look for innovative ways to provide you with cost effective and practical legal services, which meet your individual requirements.

About Our Franchise Services

Franchise businesses are everywhere in New Zealand and this method of business does not seem to be slowing down, if anything franchising is increasing in New Zealand. The last survey of franchising in New Zealand was conducted in 2017 and at that time there were 631 Franchisors operating in New Zealand. For a small country we definitely punch above our weight when it comes to franchising.

Purchasing a franchise

We will assist you at every step of the way:

  • Negotiation of the sale and purchase agreement
  • Putting you in touch with other franchise professionals who can help you
  • Review of the franchise documentation
  • General advice on purchase of the franchise
  • Assisting you with funding and settlement of the transaction.

Franchising your business

If you are looking at franchising your business we will:

  • Put you in touch with the franchise professionals you need to help you
  • Draft the documentation you need (franchise agreement, disclosure document, terms of supply, confidentiality agreements, application forms, software licence agreements, intellectual property licences, subleases or licences)
  • Assist you to put systems in place to streamline the legal side of things.

Leasing for franchisors

Many franchise systems are premises based meaning there is likely to be a lease or licence which provides the franchisee with occupation rights.  We can assist with:

  • Helping you decide which structure will work best for you - taking the Head lease and subleasing or licensing the premises to your franchisee? or requiring the franchisee to take the lease (in which case we can advise on the clauses you need in the lease)
  • Providing you with advice on negotiating your lease and making sure you have provisions which protect your branding right, provide exclusivity (if possible) and allowing you to assign the lease to a franchisee.
  • Assisting you with any issues or disputes you have with your landlord.

Leasing for franchisees

Leasing is a huge component of some franchise businesses and often a serious long-term commitment. We will:

  • Review the lease documentation and provide you with advice on your rights and obligations and any further terms which you will need to negotiate
  • Assist you with the negotiation of those terms
  • Assist you if you need any help in relation to your interactions with your landlord.

Importing a franchise system

If you are thinking about importing a franchise system into New Zealand we will:

  • Review and advise you on your rights and obligations under the master franchise agreement and any special terms which are needed to suit New Zealand conditions.
  • Assist you with preparation and amendment of the documentation you will need for your franchisees.

Exporting a franchise system

We will:

  • Advise you on the steps you need to get your franchise system ready for export
  • Make sure that you have the right structure
  • Liaise with lawyers from other countries to ensure your franchise documentation meets the needs of foreign jurisdictions

Dispute resolution

We will advise you on your rights and obligations and assist with the dispute resolution process.

Sale of a franchise

We will assist in the negotiation of the terms and conditions of the sale and purchase agreement and fulfilling the requirements of the franchisor in relation to the sale of your business.

Processing renewals & sales

If you are a franchisor we can assist you in designing a system that will simplify your sale and renewal processes and make sure your franchisees meet your requirements.

IP protection

We will provide you with advice on the best way to protect your intellectual property, the best structure to use and can assist with trademark applications and drafting of licence agreements.

Why Choose Turner Hopkins

  • We have the experience – Our staff have acted for both franchisors and franchisees for in excess of 20 years
  • We have the knowledge – we have acted for and currently still act for some of the bigger names in franchising
  • We have reviewed and provided advice on the franchise agreements for most of the well-known franchise systems in New Zealand so we are in a great position to provide you with expert legal advice in a very timely fashion and for a competitive price
  • We have developed fixed price packages for legal services and these can be tailored to meet your individual needs.
  • We have strong connections with the most respected service providers in the franchising industry including franchise accountants, consultants and bankers. We will put you in touch with the right advisor for your needs.

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