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Effective management of employment and human resource issues are critical to the success of your business. In today's highly competitive business environment, employers need to be aware of the complex legislation and regulations governing their relationship with their employees.

About Our Employer Relations Services

We have developed particular expertise in advising overseas-based employers on the particulars of the New Zealand Law environment, and the steps necessary to ensure compliance with the employer's obligations under New Zealand legislation.

The Areas We Cover

Our employment law team is experienced in providing practical and effective advice to employers in the following areas:

Employment agreements

We can help employers with drafting the terms of their agreements. Each agreement is tailored to the needs of your workplace and takes into account any special policies in place (such as staff discounts, use of company vehicles, or bonus provisions) or requirements specific to your workplace such as health and safety policies, and restraints of trade.

90-day trial period

Particular care needs to be exercised when attempting to incorporate a 90 day trial provision in an employment agreement. We strongly recommend that employers obtain legal advice in order to ensure that they comply with the requirements necessary to give effect to such a provision.

On-going monitoring

There is a very high standard placed on employers to ensure that they comply with their obligations to record performance reviews and any issues arising from employee's performance or disciplinary matters. We regularly assist clients in ensuring that their processes meet the standard necessary to form effective evidence for the purpose of any disciplinary or performance management processes that may ultimately be required.

Disciplinary processes

At Turner Hopkins we have developed a step by step process guide sheet along with draft sample letters which can be adapted to each proceeding and we are happy to provide these to our employer clients.

Redundancy processes

In circumstances where redundancy is being considered, it is necessary to ensure that all legal and procedural requirements are met. We have extensive experience in assisting employers in ensuring that they meet their obligations where there is a prospect of redundancy for whatever reason. We have established checklists and step by step guides to assist employers in successfully navigating this complex process.

Personal grievances

In the event of a personal grievance being raised, it is necessary for an employer to address the allegations promptly and appropriately. A formal response is normally required within 14 days. We are readily able to assist employers in order to ensure that their position is best protected both at this early stage and subsequently should a personal grievance claim proceed to the Employment Relations Authority, Employment Court and/or through mediation.

Health & Safety

In the area of health and safety, prevention is the best option. If, however, issues arise concerning health and safety (including a prosecution) we can assist employers in ensuring that the very best possible outcome is achieved having regard to the particular circumstances.

Why Choose Turner Hopkins

  • We provide advice on all manner of employer enquiries, from quick advice on any given issue, to research and provision of detailed opinion on more complicated scenarios.
  • An ability to control costs by paying only for the actual service and time that you use
  • Flexible hourly rates depending on the level of expertise that you need
  • Highly professional and personal service
  • Timely advice

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