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Parent Visa Options

Parent Visa Options

Earlier this week the New Zealand Government announced a new Visa category for investor migrants - those looking to bring their hard-earned money in to the country to invest for a period of time and in return, secure the ability to live here permanently. Whilst there are no confirmed details yet, it is clear that the Government is looking to push direct that investment in to more active ventures. That announcement however links to another Visa category we have, which includes parents who are also able to bring funds in to the country to invest. There were no changes announced to that Parent category investment option, but it did make me stop and think about the pathways available to parents, now that borders are opening and we are approving a significant number of people through the 2021 Resident Visa program - many of which will be aiming to bring mum and dad across.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) estimates that the the one-off 2021 Resident Visa program will see over 200,000 applicants being granted Residence in New Zealand between December 2021 when the category opened and some time in early 2024 when it expects to finalise them all (the category closes to new applications on 31 July). Traditionally and for many of our migrant markets, one of the next steps in their own move, is to try and bring the parents across and in fact for many applicants this is the end goal - having themselves, their own children and the grandparents all in the same place...

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