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Turner Hopkins offers a fully comprehensive immigration consultancy service. Our team of experts has a wealth of knowledge across all visa categories and will always offer straightforward, honest advice. We understand that immigration is a costly, stressful and time consuming process. Therefore, we will take the time to devise a strategy aligning with your personal circumstances, then work with you to achieve your immigration goal.

About Our Immigration Services

Visas for New Zealand are highly sought after, but applying for them can be a stressful, complex and time consuming process.  The stakes are high and the cost of failure severe. We understand that New Zealand Immigration visa application services need to be treated with the highest priority and the greatest of care.

Turner Hopkins offers the highest level of immigration advice and expertise in the following areas:

  • Assessments of eligibility – to ensure that the goal, be it a visitor visa or residence, is realistic and achievable;
  • Representation for and assistance with applications for all visa categories;
  • Business Visas - Investor 1 and 2 categories;
  • Assisting employers with recruitment and to protect against breaches of the Immigration Act;
  • Assistance and intervention in cases involving medical or character issues;
  • Representation and assistance for those facing deportation action.

For Employers

The Immigration Act 2009 imposes substantial obligations on employers to ensure employees are lawfully able to work. Reasonable enquiries must now be made and due diligence exercised. Ignorance is no longer an excuse.

Fines for employers breaching the Immigration Act 2009 are significant. With fines of up to $100,000, and the potential for imprisonment for offences relating to exploitation of workers, Turner Hopkins can offer comprehensive Immigration advice in creating appropriate documentation and systems for Human Resource Teams to eliminate the possibility of inadvertent breaches of the law.

We provide assistance in the recruitment of foreign nationals into your business. We assess potential employees’ eligibility for residence and work visas. We can prepare and lodge work visa applications for the employee and visa applications for his or her family members;. We can make application to Immigration New Zealand for an employer to gain accreditation status and approval to recruit foreign workers.

Is Your Application In Trouble?

On occasions even the most straightforward Visa applications run into problems. Those problems can be medical conditions or criminal convictions, or visa officers misapplying the instructions or assessing you as not eligible for the visa you applied for. Quick intervention can often save an application from being declined.

Our team has experience in dealing with cases involving complex medical and character waivers, and problems with labour market tests.

Overstayer & Deportation

A common problem facing many potential migrants is ensuring that they do not let their visa expire while in New Zealand. This may happen unintentionally and the affected immigrant may experience real difficulty in understanding how to resolve this complex issue.

We are able to provide practical and effective advice as to the options available.

Why Choose Turner Hopkins?

  • Our skill and expertise – we guarantee to provide realistic and practical advice.
  • The ability to determine the level of assistance you require - whether you just want the occasional help with your own application; or a full service to assist in all aspects of your application – we won’t sell you a service or level of service you don’t need.
  • You can control costs by paying only for the actual service and time that you use.
  • Highly professional and personal service.
  • Timely advice – we understand that timing can be crucial.

Your Immigration Specialist

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