What normally happens during disciplinary proceedings?

The outcome of disciplinary proceedings may range from no further action to be taken through to the possibility of a verbal warning or even summary dismissal.

An employer considering disciplinary action needs to ensure that it has given you a copy of all information regarding the decision, such as evidential documentation.

You must be given a genuine opportunity to comment on both the allegations, and the nature of any likely outcome, prior to the decision being made an outcome. Your employer must approach disciplinary proceedings with an open mind, and be ready to hear your comments before making a decision.

In any disciplinary proceedings, you must be invited to a formal meeting and to be advised that you may have a support person. Sufficient notice of the allegations must be given to you at this stage so you are able to prepare. Documents must also be referred to you evidencing the allegations that have been made. You should be given an opportunity to review that documentation and seek assistance from a professional legal representative if you choose to do so. It may be that the initial meeting may have to be rescheduled within reason.

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