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It is always difficult to deal with the death of a family member. If you are not happy with what has been provided to you upon someone’s death, there are a number of ways in which their will may be challenged. We can guide you through this process and advise you in order to achieve the best outcome in the circumstances

How to Challenge a Will

If you are considering whether to challenge the will of a deceased person, the first step is to obtain legal advice as to what claims are available to you and your likelihood of success. The various situations in which it may be possible to challenge a will include the following:

        a.   If a close family member has not provided for you or has only made minimal provision for you;
        b.   If a deceased person did not have adequate mental capacity at the time they signed their will;
        c.   If someone placed undue influence or pressure on a deceased person when they signed their will; and/or
        d.   If someone did not follow through with a promise to provide for you in their will as a result of services you performed for them.

Whether you are the person seeking to make a claim or defend a claim, we can assist, both in and out of Court. If you would like our assistance, please contact one of our family lawyers below.

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