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There are particular requirements that need to be met in order to obtain a divorce in New Zealand (also known as a dissolution of marriage).

Applying for a Dissolution of Marriage

There are two ways to apply for a dissolution – a joint or single application. A joint application can be made if both spouses agree, otherwise a single application is required.

You are eligible to apply for a dissolution if one of you lives in New Zealand and you have been separated for 2 years or more.

Where both parties are not living in New Zealand, a dissolution application cannot be made unless one party is “domiciled” in New Zealand. A person is classified as being “domiciled” in New Zealand if:

     a.  They were born in New Zealand a have not made a home in another country with the intention of living in that country indefinitely, or

     b.  They were born overseas but have made a home in New Zealand with the intention of living here indefinitely.

If you would like assistance with obtaining a dissolution of marriage, please contact one of our family lawyers below.

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