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We have been assisting clients in resolving their disputes about children for almost 100 years. We understand that every family is different. We ensure the solutions we provide to issues about children are tailored to the particular needs of each family. We advise on all matters relating to children, including care / custody and guardianship matters.

About Our Care of Children Services

When parents separate, often their biggest worry is how the arrangements for their children are going to work. This can include matters relating to how often each parent cares for a child and how various decisions about a child are going to be made.
If you are able to agree on care arrangements for your child on separation, you then need to consider whether a verbal agreement is sufficient or whether you would like a more formal agreement in place such as a parenting agreement or parenting order.

If you are unable to agree on any matter relating to you child, it is best to obtain legal advice to find out what your rights and obligations are. Some parents also find attending Family Dispute Resolution and a Parenting Through Separation programme to be of assistance. Click here : https://www.justice.govt.nz/family/care-of-children/ to find out more.

If your matter is urgent, there are also steps you may be able to take to obtain a Court order on an urgent basis.

We can assist in advising you of your legal position and also represent you in Court, if required.  If you would like assistance, please contact one of our family lawyers below.

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