Personal relationships and their breakdown can lead to some of life’s most difficult and distressing changes. At such times, competence and compassion are essential in your legal advisors. We are acutely aware of the emotional distress and challenges experienced on or following a relationship breakdown and separation.

About Our Family Law Services

Our highly regarded family law team has a vast degree of experience and ability in all areas of family law.  As a full service law firm, we can also advise on and finalise all aspects of the process including relationship property settlements, transfer of property, redistribution of trust assets, estate planning, preparation of wills and any other issues that may arise.

Our family law team is headed by Michael Robinson, who has over 25 years experience in family law and relationship property matters.  He has assisted many hundreds of clients to navigate the process of separation and resolve their issues.  Michael’s approach is to ensure that clients avoid unnecessary conflict and acrimony whilst achieving the very best possible result.  His area of particular expertise and experience involves assisting clients engaged in complex relationship property disputes involving trusts, trans-border property, valuations of business and investments and claims involving economic disparity. 

Senior Solicitor, Sharon Chandra, has numerous years of specialist experience in family law. Her particular areas of expertise include relationship property, spousal maintenance, parenting matters and disputes involving relocation and removal of children.

Initial Meeting

We find that in many cases, clients would simply like to meet with either Michael or Sharon to discuss their current position (whether they have recently separated or are contemplating separation) and gain a better understanding of their entitlements, rights and the options available.  Michael and Sharon are happy to offer an initial consultation either in person at our office in Takapuna or by way of video conference/Skype.

While we do not offer legal aid, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the most cost effective service possible.  In certain circumstances and where adequate security is available, we are also able to arrange for litigation funding for the purpose of resolving relationship property disputes.

To arrange for a consultation with either Michael or Sharon, please click the button below:

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