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Turner Hopkins has considerable experience and expertise in registering and enforcing foreign Judgments in New Zealand.

About Enforcement of Foreign Judgements

The procedure to be adopted will depend on which overseas jurisdiction the Judgment has been obtained and also the Court from which it has been issued. In some cases, the New Zealand Reciprocal Enforcements of Judgment Act will apply allowing a more streamlined and economic approach. In other cases it is necessary to apply to the appropriate New Zealand Court an order domesticating the overseas Judgment. Our clients (including overseas legal advisors) are pleasantly surprised at the relatively modest costs involved.

We are able to offer an especially competitive and efficient service in registering Judgments from Australian jurisdictions pursuant to the recent changes in the Trans Tasman Enforcement of Judgments legislation.  Conversely we have excellent relationships with solicitors in Australia and a number of other off shore jurisdictions in order to ensure that our clients are able to pursue Judgments obtained in New Zealand against debtors who have relocated off shore.

We are always happy to provide an estimate as to the likely costs and analysis as to the procedure that could be adopted in each individual case. To do so, it will be necessary to supply to us a copy of the overseas Judgment to be enforced, some details as to the manner in which it was obtained (regularly, after a hearing, by default or irregularly, for example, by way of substituted service).

It will also be necessary to identify the whereabouts of the debtor in New Zealand or a method by which they can be traced. We are happy to provide our preliminary analysis and estimate as to costs at no charge.

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