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Over many years, Turner Hopkins has distinguished itself as one of the largest and most efficient providers of debt collection services in New Zealand. Acting for both local and international clients, we have established a specialised unit dedicated to providing high volume debt recovery services through both the District and High Courts throughout New Zealand.

About Our Debt Recovery Services

The volume of work performed in this field has resulted in efficiencies which we have been able to pass on to our clients in the form of considerable cost savings and reduced fees. Our charges vary depending on the volume and nature of work involved, and in many cases are no greater than those that become recoverable pursuant to the Court rules and regulations.

One advantage of a specialised unit dedicated to debt recovery proceedings has been the relationship developed between ourselves and the various District Court registries throughout New Zealand. This enables us to provide increased efficiencies and benefits to our clients in the form of obtaining Judgments, successfully obtaining Interlocutory Orders (substituted service and charging orders) and pursuing enforcement proceedings (including orders for examination, attachment orders, High Court bankruptcies, liquidations and writs of sale of property).

A further competitive advantage achieved by us has been the ability to negotiate and obtain process server’s charges and agency fees at the very lowest possible rate. Those savings can also be passed on directly to our clients.

In addition, and to further benefit our clients, we are able to conduct in house tracing of debtors in order to ascertain not only a party’s location but also other information that will be of benefit in determining the most appropriate manner to pursue any claim.  Service of proceedings is often able to be achieved (by way of substituted service) through Facebook and/or other social media.  In the most difficult of cases we are able to offer further private investigation tracing charged on a “success only” basis.

In support of our debt recovery division, we have established an online database allowing high volume clients to have online, real-time, access to their files in order that they may maintain up to date details of the state and process of each claim and, most importantly, the amount due and recoverable from the defendant including legal costs and disbursements.

The debt recovery department of Turner Hopkins is managed by Michael Robinson. Feel free to contact him should you wish to discuss the manner in which we may be able to assist you and your business or organisation.

What Turner Hopkins Offers

  • Free – initial assessment of debt recovery options, procedures and estimate as to likely cost.
  • Highly experienced professional and/or legal executives handling your file at all times.
  • Comprehensive and efficient reporting and efficient response to any questions and queries.
  • No surprises as to costs.
  • Unlike traditional debt recovery agencies, Turner Hopkins never charges on a commission/percentage basis and only charges reduced fees as agreed in advance

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