Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law

Information Technology Law has grown out of Business & Commercial Law and it has started to become its own specialty, practiced by those with knowledge of both IT and Law. Like areas such as medical law, practitioners need an understanding of not just the technologies involved, but their real world application and the legal implications.

Turner Hopkins is forging ahead in this area by combining staff with decades of Commercial Law experience with staff who have technical qualifications and experience working in high level IT environments.

Why choose Turner Hopkins

  • We see IT law as being more than just copyright and trade marks (although we can help with these as well). Non-IT companies are frequently using technology as a standard part of their business, opening themselves up to areas with legal elements that they do not quite understand. At the same time, IT Companies need to ensure that they have clear and concise agreements in place with all clients so that they have protection in their own unique situations.
  • Turner Hopkins’ partners Mike Newdick and John Stirling have combined experience of over 40 years advising clients on all aspects of business and commercial law.
  • Arran Hunt previously worked as a technical business analyst, developing systems and reengineering processes for a Fortune 50 company. He has built networks, PCs, websites, designed interfaces, reengineered processes for companies with turnovers counted in the billions, and could read and comprehend a dozen different programming languages. He now applies this highly technical experience to his work with both non-IT and IT companies to ensure that their current and future legal needs are met.

Some of The Areas We Cover

Sales & Acquisitions

We can assist our clients in drafting Sale and Purchase Agreements which include specialised clauses to manage the sale and purchase of intangible assets such as domain names, trade marks and social media accounts. We can help you ensure that the agreement covers what it is meant to, and leaves out what it isn’t.

Service Level Agreements

Whether you are providing or securing a service, we can assist you with a clear and concise agreement, so that all parties can understand their benefits and obligations. In an electronic world where almost anything is likely to happen, it is important that the agreement covers those scenarios that you may not have thought of yet.

Online Terms of Trade

In the modern global world, it is important that your terms of trade take into consideration the various permutations of suppliers, customers, third parties and deliveries that you will need to deal with. By just tacking on more to your old terms you will be left with large, cumbersome and overly complicated document that will most likely contradict itself. We believe that we can help you with terms that cover your needs while still being understandable to your customers without scaring them off.

Website Development Agreements

Having a website developed throws up a unique set of issues that need to be catered for and thought about from the outset. You need to be certain of the outcome, the costs and the ownership of the elements in place, and it is easy to find yourself in a position of time delays, changing goalposts and spiralling costs. We believe that with our expertise in IT and Law that we can help you position yourself to know what you are getting, what it is costing and when it is arriving before the first code is written, and can help when those moments of genius strike half way through delivery.

Other Agreements

Many of the agreements we see today are insufficient when it comes to technology. References to a party’s requirements often become victim to the Chinese whispers effect, to the point where the final terms are nonsensical, impossible or obsolete. An incorrect reference or the wrong word can limit a clause’s effect from all encompassing to a rare event. We can help by making sure that your agreements make sense and make your intentions clear.

They say that IT moves quickly; let us help your legal side keep pace.