Family Law

Family Law

Personal relationships and their breakdown can lead to some of life's most difficult and distressing changes. At such time competence and compassion are essential in your legal advisors.

We are acutely aware of the pressures and emotional distress which can arise at these difficult times. We pride ourselves in our ability to assist our clients at the time of their greatest need.

Our highly regarded family law team has a vast degree of ability and experience in all areas of family law. As part of a full service firm we can advise on and finalise all aspects of the process, including, relationship property settlement, property transfers, trusts, estate planning and any other issues which arise.

While we do not offer Legal Aid we offer the most cost effective service possible to our clients.

In certain circumstances we are also able to arrange for litigation funding for the purpose of resolving relationship property disputes.

The Areas We Cover


We can ensure all stages of the adoption process run smoothly so you can concentrate on and enjoy your new family member.

Care of Children

There are a wide variety of matters which may arise when dealing with children. We advise on all issues relating to children and will be able to advise you as to the best course of action.

Child Support

Situations may arise where child support arrangements need to be sorted out or you do not agree with a child support assessment which has been made. We provide advice on how to deal with such situations and the various options available to you.


We can advise as to the requirements which need to be met to obtain a divorce/dissolution in New Zealand and also how to deal with situations where one or both parties are overseas.

Domestic Violence

Sometimes urgent action needs to be taken to protect yourself from domestic violence. We provide advice on the steps which need to be taken to ensure this. We also advise on the process required when defending allegations of domestic violence.

Family Protection

We provide advice as to how best to deal with situations where a close family member dies and someone is denied their legal entitlement or a person who promised to provide for someone in their will dies and does not make such provision.


We can advise you as to the steps to take to progress DNA testing and establishing paternity/non-paternity.

Protection of Personal Property Rights

When an adult becomes incapacitated and is unable to make decisions about their welfare or manage their property, most commonly because of age or disability, it becomes necessary for others to make decisions on their behalf. We provide advice as to the best way to deal with such situations.

Relationship Property

We provide advice on all aspects of relationship property, from contracting out agreements at the beginning of relationships to division of relationship property at the end of a relationship.

Spousal Maintenance

When people separate, it is sometimes difficult for one partner to meet their reasonable needs following separation. We provide advice on whether pursuing a spousal maintenance claim is viable and the requirements which need to be met to establish such a claim.

What Turner Hopkins Offers

  • A friendly and sympathetic approach.
  • Practical and cost effective advice.
  • An understanding of Family Courts procedure.
  • Access to the latest in research.
  • A team approach so that there is always someone here to assist you.