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Problems Identifying Jobs as Skilled Employment

Significant problems are beginning to appear with the method of assessing whether a job is “skilled employment” under this particular category.

The difficulty comes from Immigration New Zealand’s use of the ANZSCO publication. This is a statistical tool and Immigration New Zealand has been repeatedly criticised by its authors for its use to assess whether a job is skilled.

Many applicants are confronted with Immigration New Zealand indicating they will decline their application because they consider the job offer is not skilled by reference to the description of the role in the ANZSCO publication.

Applicants are given very limited time to respond to Immigration New Zealand’s concerns before a (usually negative) decision is made on the residence case.

Many applicants frequently oversell their job description claiming to be in a managerial role.  They frequently find Immigration New Zealand consider the role has no managerial elements when assessed against ANZSCO description of the job.

A detailed assessment by an experienced immigration professional will at least alert prospective applicants to issues they will have to confront during the course of their application.

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