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Modern Relationships Incompatible with Immigration Visa Criterion

More couples are forming relationships online when they live in different countries. Consequently an Immigration visa criterion that requires a couple to be living together at the time a visa application is made is becoming increasingly outdated.

This is particularly relevant for migrant communities where introductions of partners are facilitated through wider family members and the relationship cemented through visits and online social media communication before decisions are made to live together.

Immigration New Zealand still operates on an old paradigm - a couple meeting in person; dating; moving in with each other and merging their asset base.

But these modern and traditional formations of relationships can make for complex immigration processes as a consequence.

Often the initial application in order to achieve that unification can be a difficult process involving applications for visitor or work visas as an exception to the rules.

Again experienced immigration professionals who can it advise early in the relationship can be crucial to ensuring a smooth application process.

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