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"He that will not sail till all dangers are over must never put to sea." - Thomas Fuller

Maritime ventures are inherently risky. As well as the unpredictability of the sea itself, maritime ventures are governed by a complex mix of New Zealand legislation, Admiralty Law, International Conventions, and Maritime Rules and Bylaws. Forrester Grant, Maritime Law Specialist at Turner Hopkins, knows how to navigate his way around these shifting legal shoals, and pragmatically helps mariners manage their business risk.

Forrester has assisted clients with Sales and Purchase Agreements for vessels ranging from fishing boats to superyachts and container vessels. "We are familiar with most international standard agreements or can assist with a more bespoke approach," says Forrester. "Ensuring clear title is paramount and we can assist in due diligence requirements in this respect."

"When things go wrong in the marine environment, the legal and financial consequences can be quite serious, "says Forrester. "Ownership of a vessel by a company or a trust can assist both companies and private individuals in protecting their assets."

Vessel registration is another area Forrester is familiar with. Factors influencing a decision where to flag your vessel include tax considerations, the status of a particular flag, the ease of dealing with a Registry, flexible manning requirements and operational requirements. "We have experience in dealing with most major registries along with some of the more obscure, and can advise you on selecting the most appropriate flag and managing the registration process," says Forrester.

Charter party arrangements can range from a cruising holiday to major commercial logistics. Forrester is familiar with most forms of charter-parties and can assist with contract or review. "If things don't go to plan we can advise on disputes and assist with seeking resolution, says Forrester.

Forester can also help with new build and refit agreements, vessel financing and mortgage registration, vessel operational and compliancy matters, and Admiralty matters.

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