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Immigration roulette - Job Search Work Visas

Nothing is more frustrating for permanent residence applicants who score 140 points without a job offer, being offered a job search work Visa by Immigration New Zealand rather than the residency visa they asked for.  Although job search visa is the term used to describe the Visa it’s a misleading description. It offers a limited time to enter New Zealand to find work. If the right type of job is not found within the timeframe given, the residence case gets declined.

It’s a case of Immigration roulette. It places a prospective migrant in an impossible position – do they give up their job and go to New Zealand in the hope they find work knowing they could fail and have to return to nothing? Or, withdraw the application? It could make for some impossible choices. Sometimes there is a limited capacity to convince Immigration New Zealand to change their mind and approve the grant of residence outright. But that requires fast intervention by a skilled professional with extensive expertise.

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