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Immigration: Turner Hopkins in South Africa

Immigration Seminars: Turner Hopkins in South Africa

Over the course of 2018 I have ventured to South Africa on 3 separate occasions to present seminars and speak with would-be migrants on making the move to New Zealand. I have been doing these trips for several years now and always enjoy returning to this beautiful country where I’ve made great friends and come across some incredibly interesting people. That said, I’m always ready to leave at the end of my 3-week tours; which never fail to reinforce for me how lucky I am to live in NZ.

For all the lofty ambitions declared for the rainbow nation in 1994 at the cessation of apartheid, it’s clear the wheels came off somewhere along the line. SA has serious issues, these are in many ways systemic, but they result in negative outcomes across the societal spectrum. Poor governance, rampant corruption and a stratospheric crime rate, all chip away at the rule of law which is constantly being eroded. Couple this with a 26% unemployment rate, failing infrastructure, an economy in the doldrums, and a currency that has fallen consistently over the last 20 years and it’s not hard to see why our seminars are full. The uncertainty all this creates is generally the motivation behind our client’s intention to make the move.

So, I can confidently say, for most, migrating from SA is about securing a future for oneself and one’s family; in a place that is safe, secure and offers opportunity based on merit. Compared to SA (and many other parts of the world), NZ does this well.

This is not an easy process however. Like most migrants intending to become resident of NZ, those that embark on this journey will almost always need an offer of skilled employment to meet immigration requirements. The process, commitment and uncertainty this entails will put many people off, but we find there remains a steady stream of those willing to embark on the journey; a real shame for SA, as they’re often the best and brightest – but, a great gain for NZ.

Putting the pessimism to one side though, I thoroughly recommend visiting; SA is a captivating place that still has much to offer. From the staggering natural beauty that exists, through to a wholly engaging population that can always be relied upon to keep things interesting – you won’t forget time spent there.

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