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Combating Illegal Street Racing

The Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Act 2009 and the Sentencing (Vehicle Confiscation) Amendment Act 2009 are the Government's recent responses to the ongoing problems of illegal street-racing around the country. The Acts are designed to work in unison and will enhance the powers of Police and road controlling authorities to tackle this problem. The purposes are to reduce harm and nuisance caused in the community by illegal street racers in terms of road safety, noise, public nuisance and disorder.

The new laws are targeted at only a small portion of the community. For everyday responsible drivers, nothing should change.

The Land Transport (Enforcement Powers) Act 2009 provides:

  • local authorities to create bylaws that prevent vehicles cruising city streets;
  • the compulsory impoundment of vehicles involved in illegal street racing; and
  • tougher penalties for noise offences, failure to give driver details, licence breaches and registration plate offences.

The Sentencing (Vehicle Confiscation) Amendment Act 2009 provides:

  • vehicles to be seized and destroyed as a last resort option to punish and deter the most serious repeat offenders of illegal street racing;
  • vehicles repeatedly used by people with overdue traffic fines to be sold to pay those fines;
  • vehicles to be confiscated that are owned by third parties who allow an offender to use his or her vehicle; and
  • vehicles can be confiscated by the Courts from an impoundment yard.

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