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Good News for Home and Business Owners Affected by Public Works

Good News for Home and Business Owners Affected by Public Works

Auckland Transport and the NZ Transport Agency have numerous projects on the drawing board or are about to start construction.

Projects include Northern Corridor Improvements impacting on Rosedale and Oteha Valley Roads and Constellation Drive properties and businesses alike. There is also the new proposed Warkworth to Wellsford State Highway 1 route.

There are numerous smaller projects planned, for example, Ti Rakau Drive road widening in Pakuranga and Lake Road improvements in Takapuna and Devonport. Wherever these projects are constructed, locals on the route have their land and businesses acquired by Council or the Transport Agency respectively, in order to build the projects.

There has been recent positive news for landowners on these routes with additional compensation available under Part 5 of the Public Works Act 1981.

By way of example, the “sorry for taking your property” payment formerly set at a very low $2,000 since the 1970s has been increased up to a maximum of $50,000. This payment is in addition to current market value being paid for the purchase of properties and businesses.

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