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Auckland Unitary Plan and Subdivisions – Early Advice the Best

Auckland Unitary Plan and Subdivisions – Early Advice the Best

Subdividing your property is the process of ‘splitting’ your land and creating new titles for each new section. The Auckland Unitary Plan, now operative in much of the region, may provide various options for the development of your land that you may not have previously had.

While it is logical for a surveyor to lead the initial stages of a proposed subdivision, we find that early engagement of a solicitor can be beneficial to the overall process.

Early discussions can ensure all professionals likely to be engaged in the process are aware of the client’s objectives, timings, costs and any existing title constraints like covenants or easements that need addressing.

Where written consents of any third parties may be required, these are not always easily obtainable and can lead to unintended delays. Engaging a solicitor in the early stages of the proposed subdivision will ensure that we have the opportunity and time to make any necessary amendments or negotiations prior to the issue of any resource consent.

It should be the aim of the surveyor and solicitor to have all documentation ready for registration at the time the 224(c) Certificate is issued by the local authority.

If you would like further information in relation to this topic or wish to discuss your options, please contact our Associate, Amy Christie.

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