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If you think you are not being treated fairly, or your claim has been denied there are many avenues in which this can be challenged and Turner Hopkins can provide guidance and assistance in this process.

Some Pointers for Our Clients

Always provide full and accurate information to your insurance company when applying. If you don’t, your insurance may be invalid. And you won’t find out until it’s too late;

Never lie to your insurance company when claiming. Too often people tell their insurance company what they want them to hear, and if you do, your entire claim may be declined. If you are concerned at any time about what you should say, get legal advice early. You are entitled to get advice and it’s better to do so sooner rather than later;

Don’t be tempted to exaggerate your claim. Even one mis-described item can invalidate your entire claim. Most good policies provide adequate cover and you’d be surprised what you’re entitled to receive;

Even if your insurance company tells you you’re not covered, that decision may be challengeable. There are many laws and rules that restrict the circumstances in which insurance companies can decline your claim, and most of these are not known to the general public.

Most important – don’t leave it until it’s too late to get advice.

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