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Investor Category 1

This at face value is a simple and straightforward application for a residence class visa or permanent residence.

There is no English language test; no points system; no competitive tender process to get invited to apply for residence.

The minimum investment amount is NZ$10 million. The investment must be maintained for a period of 3 years. During these 3 years there is an obligation to spend a certain level of physical time in New Zealand but this is significantly lower than that of the Investor 2 category.

Investor Category 2

This method of application is more favoured than Investor 1 because the minimum investment level is a lot lower.

But there is a trade-off – the investment period is slightly longer. There is an English language requirement; a requirement to prove a high level of business experience. There is also an age limit of 65.

The application method involves a 2 step process: a competitive tender type process (known as an “Expression of Interest”) or EOI based on a points system; if successful it results in a formal invitation from the New Zealand Government to submit an application for residence or permanent residence.

The number of residence visas issued under this category is capped at 400 per year.

Problems arise because not all types of business experience will be acceptable. The obligation to prove how investment funds were lawfully earned and acquired requires a high level of evidence.

We have a lot of experience with both of these types of applications. We have strong connections to major banks and institutional investors familiar with managing investment portfolios for investor category applicants and can assist in the application process, providing sound advice throughout the process.

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