What should I consider before signing an employment contract?

If there is an involuntary termination, what will happen?

  • If there is a termination, how much notice must you receive?
  • What is the base pay and performance incentives?
  • Is there a trial period?
  • What is the job description or position description?
  • If you want to do some work on the side or have a sideline business, is this allowed with your employment contract?
  • What are your rights to copyrights, inventions or creative outputs while in the job?
  • Is there a restraint of trade in the event of a termination?
  • If you wanted to start a business after you leave your employment are you allowed to work with their customers (how long it is before you can approach them)?
  • What happens if your employer sells the business?
  • Are you allowed to work for a competitor within a certain time frame of leaving the previous job?

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