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Why do I need a lawyer to do a Will?

Posted in: Estates, Trusts & Wills

A Will that has been carefully thought out may prevent potential family disagreements and reduce the risk of claims being made against your estate and ultimately your wishes.

A well drafted Will provides for:

  • The Distribution of your Assets – including real property (i.e. land), personal chattels (e.g. jewelry, heirlooms etc.) and other assets (e.g. superannuation funds, shares etc.).
  • Guardians – appointment of guardians for children under 18 years old.
  • Special Gifts or Legacies – you wish to go to other beneficiaries e.g. a favourite charity.
  • Funeral Requirements – clear instructions about your wishes for 'Do not resuscitate' and in what circumstances, your funeral instructions and any organ donation.
  • Liabilities – such as mortgages and debts owing to family and friends.

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