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Turner Hopkins is delighted to offer private family mediation services. 

About Our Mediation Services

A highly experienced and skilled mediator, Michael Maguire, has more than 30 years’ experience in family law and is an accredited Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner.  Michael is one of Australia’s most highly regarded family law mediators and is now for the first time offering his services in New Zealand. 

Michael is passionate about guiding separating couples and assisting them in finding their own resolution in a timely and cost-effective manner, assisting them to avoid expensive and lengthy legal proceedings. 

He guides separating couples through the mediation process with respect and dignity.  He has a calm and non-judgmental manner.  He is skilled in the mediation process/guiding negotiation, exploring issues essential to the conflict and promoting communication. 

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process in which a mutual third party (a mediator) assists people in conflict to:

  • identify their issues, needs and desired outcomes
  • raise and review potential options and solutions
  • negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement

A mediation usually takes around five hours or longer and each person will be given a chance to have their say.  A mediation is not about deciding who is right or wrong, or making decisions based on what has happened in the past.  It is about supporting and enabling each person equally to resolve their present issues and come to a mutually acceptable agreement.

Michael Maguire prides himself on treating each person in a dispute and in every situation with respect and dignity.  He is passionate about helping separating couples reach their own agreement quickly and effectively throughout the mediation, and always with the best interests of any children involved at heart.

“I help everyone, regardless of age, culture, sexual orientation.  For me, the most important thing is to achieve an outcome that gives the parties to a dispute the confidence to move on in life.”

Arrange for a mediation

Michael Maguire is available in Auckland to conduct mediations on a regular basis.  In order to ascertain Michael’s current availability, please contact [email protected]

Costs and fee structure

Michael’s costs for conducting mediations in Auckland and elsewhere throughout New Zealand are as follows:

  • (a) $4,500 per day;
  • (b) travel costs (if outside Auckland);
  • (c) costs associated with venue and equipment hire, if necessary.

(All costs are subject to GST).

Michael’s daily rate also includes any pre-mediation correspondence and preliminary attendances that might be required.

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