Turner Hopkins is introducing safety measures to ensure staff and visitor wellbeing and we thank you for adhering to our below Protocols and playing a role in keeping us all safe:

As of 06 December, all visitors to our premises will not be permitted to enter if they are unvaccinated.

Immediate entry will only be gained on presentation of a current vaccination pass declaring your vaccination status.  These passes are also known as Vaccine Passports or Vaccine Certificates and are issued by the Ministry of Health under the COVID 19 Protection Framework.

We recognise that visitors to our premises have the right to choose to be unvaccinated, however we ask unvaccinated visitors to make the following arrangements:-

  • Meet virtually via a zoom meeting
  • Book an “outside meeting”, weather dependent, with the person you wish to speak with, at our “Pop Up” location at 416 Lake Road, masks and social distancing at the outside venue will still be required.

Zoom or outside appointments may be made by calling our Main line on (09) 4862169.

QR scanning for all will be required on entry, (written registers are also available).

Masks will be worn as required by Government protocols and as directed on the poster at the entry.