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In order to produce exceptional value for our clients, we organize our legal capabilities into more than fifteen different services, each with its own area of strength and the right dedicated personnel. Due to the size and structure of our practice, our clients are able to have direct contact with the partner or senior professional responsible for the services required.  Moreover, at the same time, this range of services can be naturally woven together, inspiring us to work across disciplines and often geographies to deliver exceptional solutions to a wide range of legal issues. Find links to all our Capabilities below.

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Business Law

Business Law covers the entire business lifecycle, from starting, running, and growing to selling a business.  Turner Hopkins has significant experience ensuring our clients receive sound commercial and practical advice to assist them in all legal matters relating to their business requirements.

Business Law →

Chinese Law

Joy Yuan has been a welcome addition to the Turner Hopkins team.  Joy specialises in Chinese Law, having been raised and educated in both China and New Zealand. In 2011 she did her MBA study in the USA.  She has a good understanding of both western and eastern cultures and speaks fluent Chinese.

As a Senior Solicitor at Turner Hopkins, Joy works predominantly with the Commercial team.  She has extensive expertise in commercial and property law.  Her strong commercial and business sense ensures the most professional and practical advice is provided to her clients.

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation involves disputes between individuals or companies. Identifying the correct process is the first step towards resolving an issue. We have a wealth of experience in assisting clients navigate this complex and unfamiliar territory and an outstanding track record in dispute resolution as well as all manner of commercial litigation.

Civil Litigation →

Debt Collection and Recovery

Over many years, Turner Hopkins has distinguished itself as one of the largest and most efficient providers of debt collection services in New Zealand. Acting for both local and international clients, we have established a specialised unit dedicated to providing high volume debt recovery services through both the District and High Courts throughout New Zealand.

Debt Collection and Recovery →

Employee Relations

We specialise in advising employees on all matters relating to their employment. This ranges from quick advice on a particular issue, to research and provision of more detailed opinions, representing employees in disciplinary and redundancy processes and in personal grievances in the Employment Relations Authority and/or Employment Court.

Employee Relations →

Employer Relations

Effective management of employment and human resource issues are critical to the success of your business. In today's highly competitive business environment, employers need to be aware of the complex legislation and regulations governing their relationship with their employees.

Employer Relations →

Estates, Trusts and Wills

Turner Hopkins can assist in how to plan, manage and protect your assets both during your lifetime and on your death. This asset protection incorporates the use of discretionary family trusts to manage and protect your assets.  The other way to ensure what you have worked hard for goes to those you wish, is to prepare a Will. Every person over the age of 18 should consider preparing a Will.  

Estates, Trusts and Wills →

Estate Claims

Turner Hopkins has had many years’ experience in successfully assisting clients receive their fair share of family members’ estates.  Contesting a Will can be extremely stressful and requires experienced and competent legal representation.  We pride ourselves in assisting clients in these extremely difficult and distressing situations and in the majority of cases, can achieve a satisfactory settlement out of court.

We can also assist in the administration of your estate following death as well as assisting the personal representatives on any legal issues or matters that may arise during the administration of a deceased’s estate.

Estates, Trusts and Wills →

Family Law

Personal relationships and their breakdown can lead to some of life's most difficult and challenging changes and we are acutely aware of the pressures and emotional distress which can arise at these times. We have a dedicated and experienced team who can advise on and finalise all aspects of the process, including, relationship property settlement, property transfers, trusts, estate planning and any other issues which arise.

Family Law →


Whether you are a franchisor or a franchisee, Turner Hopkins will look for innovative ways to provide you with cost effective and practical legal services, which meet your individual business requirements.

Franchising →

Immigration Consulting Services

Turner Hopkins offers a fully comprehensive Immigration consultancy service. Tim McSweeney LLB leads our Immigration team and has a wealth of knowledge, for several years Tim has regularly presented seminars and consulted with potential migrants in South Africa and throughout South East Asia.  He believes this has given him a deeper understanding in 'why' these groups may be contemplating the move and the challenges they face.  We strive to offer the highest standard of service to clients and the families of those seeking to immigrate to New Zealand and have achieved outstanding success in assisting all categories of migrants, in particular entrepreneur, investor and skilled migrant categories.

Immigration Consulting →

Insurance Disputes

Whether it is a car claim, a household claim or a distressing life or health claim, too often clients find themselves in dispute with their insurance company over claims settlements.  Our Insurance Specialist team can assist you with all Insurance claim related cases and ensure you are given the right guidance, advice and the most support to navigate through the process.

Insurance Disputes →

Land Compensation Claims

Turner Hopkins has expertise in all aspects of landowner compensation under the provisions of the Public Works Act 1981 and Canterbury earthquake recovery legislation. If your land, business or buildings are impacted by, or taken for a public infrastructure construction project, we can advise and assist you with negotiations to seek the maximum compensation available under current law.

Land Compensation Claims →


The litigation process can be extremely stressful, inefficient, expensive and uncertain.  For that reason, where appropriate, we always consider the prospect of mediation.  Michael Robinson, our litigation partner, and his team are experienced in resolving all manner of complex disputes successfully through the mediation process.  Mediation is particularly appropriate in cases where the parties have a long running or on-going relationship where there are concerns about the costs and risks involved in protracted litigation. 

Traffic / Criminal Law

We have considerable experience in advising clients on criminal charges laid in the summary jurisdiction. If you are faced with a more serious charge, we also have a number of barristers which we can recommend to assist you.

Traffic / Criminal Law →

Property Conveyancing - Commercial

Commercial property transactions are becoming increasingly complex, with legislative changes and more sophisticated developments requiring expert legal advice. Turner Hopkins provides high-quality advice on a broad range of commercial projects.

Commercial Property →

Property Conveyancing - Residential

The purchase and sale of a residential property is often the most important and significant transaction in which the parties may have been involved. We take particular care in paying detailed attention to residential transactions and are conscious of the need to ensure that nothing unexpected arises.

Property Residential →


Turner Hopkins has been involved in completing property development and subdivisions from Auckland to Otago.  We have specific experience in fee simple, cross-lease and unit title developments, freeholdings of cross-lease and unit titles, boundary adjustments, amendments of flats plans, correcting titles and creating easements and covenants.

We have outstanding working relationships with surveyors, councils and finance providers throughout New Zealand.  We often suggest to our clients that they engage our services early on in the subdivision process in order to ensure the transaction is complete efficiently and economically.

Recent Reviews...

“I can't speak highly enough of Jenny. She got everything done in a timely manner and when my ex-husband threw a spanner in the works at the eleventh hour she got the required documentation to his lawyers and settlement back on track.” ~ Tracey
“John is very easy to talk to, he never makes you feel dumb, and never makes you feel like you are wasting his time for asking questions. He explains everything very clearly, every time. John's support staff are also very efficient and so easy to deal with. No detail is missed when dealing with them. My husband and I are fans of them all :)” ~ Jess
“To Michael Robinson – I wanted to thank you and your colleagues for many years of excellent service to the Bank. You have an outstanding business that has proved to be one of the most reliable and ethical businesses that Collections have dealt with in the almost 9 years I was with the Bank.” ~ Head of Collections
“Joy, we cannot thank you enough for your help with our purchase! You have been wonderful to deal with and so proactive (and patient with my numerous emails). We will be visiting NZ in April so will make sure we drop in to thank you in person.” ~ Mia